Ladie costume - Factory


Dutch clothing for a ladie made in the factory.

The ladies on the left and middle wearing the factory costume, the ladie on the right wears the handmade costume.



Volendam Ladie Costume – Factory

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The women costume is part of the Volendam traditional costume, the most famous traditional costume in the Netherlands. The traditional costume ownes its fame to the many international painters who frequently visited the village around 1900, the came for the appearance of the harbor in combination with the fishermen and their costumes. The paintings they made have ensured that the ‘Dutch costume’ has become known all over the world.


About the ladie costume

We sell 2 different qualities of Volendam women’s clothing. The ladie – factory we order it through a wholesaler. We also sell handmade ladie costumes, which we make ourselves. The women factory dress is only available with the white en bleu striped apron (left on the photo).

The difference between de factory made and handmade costumes lies in:

  • the choice of material
  • the hul (lace cap)

NOT included in the price:


Additional information

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