Neutral Clogs

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Neutral Clogs in many sizes.


Wooden clogs – Neutral sanded 

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The first wooden clogs found in the Netherlands probably date from the 11th century. The neutral sanded clogs are made from willow wood, they used to be handmade by the farmers, so that they could use them on the land. This mainly happened in winter when the farmers had less work, much later they were ‘partly’made by machine. The wooden clog was mainly worn by farmers, but also by fishermen. They also served as safety foodwear. In Volendam, the men in traditional costume wore them during the week and on Sunday they had a black shoe, often with a silver buckle.

About the clogs

The wooden clogs as shown in the picture are made of willow wood, the are sanded neutral en have a pointed nose. We have them from size 20 to 46. They come from the world’s largest and most famous clog factory in the Netherlands. We also sell the yellow farmers clogs with a clear varnish, because of the clear varnish instead of colored varnish, the natural grain of the wood remains visible.

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