Dutch Red Coral Necklace


Beautiful imitation red coral necklace, which is not inferior to the original.


Red coral necklace

Traditional dutch red coral necklace | Necklace traditional dutch clothing


The Red coral necklace with gold lock consists of three rows of red corals with a gold clasp on both sides, to which the rectangular lock is attached. The beads are made of real red coral. The size of the beads determined the wealth; the bigger, the more expensive and – in the eyes of the Volendam women – the more beautiful! Many of the red corals come from places where the traditional costume gradually disappeared. When in mourning, the beads were of black glass, jet, or garnet. In the middle of the richly decorated gold lock sat an image, covered with a rectangular piece of glass. That image could be: a ship, the ‘All-seeing Eye’, figures of hair work, occasionally a photo, and so on. These beautiful golden locks were made especially for Volendam and Hoorn by the Rozendaal brothers.

About the red coral necklace

The imitation red coral necklace is a beautiful piece of jewelry, which is not inferior to the original, the beads will shine when worn, making them a beautiful red / orange in color and can hardly be distinguished from the real red coral. The traditional dutch costume is not complete without this imitation red coral necklace. The gold lock is handmade, of brass and with a hand-drawn boat as an image, it is a beautifully detailed copy of the real gold lock.

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