Red handkerchief wit clog closure


Beautiful red handkerchief wit clog closure. Nice to combine with a traditional dutch costume.


Red handkerchief wit clog closure

Farmer’s handkercief 


Most handkerchiefs are red in color, in the past the red handkerchief was also called farmer’s handkercief, colored by the root of the madder plant, which was mainly grown in the province of Zeeland. Madder is a pigment that remains colourfast. Most of the motifs of the handkercief come from the far East, such as China and India.

About the red handkercief

The handkercief is a cotton cloth that is printed with a beautiful classic print that is common. The red handkercief is originally, as the name suggests, a handkercief. The handkercief is rolled up and then a wooden clog is pushed onto it to close it. The farmer’s handkercief with clog closure is worn around the neck in this way with the men’s costume and boy’s costume but also often used in scouting. The size of the handkercief is 55×55 cm.


The motif on the handkercief may vary.




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