Nostalgic-art BMW

The origin of BMW comes from the manufacture of aircraft engines, in 1923 the motorcycles were added. Later in 1927, motor vehicles were also added. In the BMW logo, the construction of the aircraft engines is reflected in the blue and white propeller symbol. They no longer manufacture aircraft engines, but they still produce motorcycles and car vehicles. One part is the popular heritage collection, which, like the classic Isetta “motocoupé”, can be found on a number of Nostalgic-art products.

Lovers of the traditional brand will find the most beautiful products of Nostalgic-art in our shop, whether you are a die-hard fan, a classic car collector or a lover of modern vehicles, there is enough choice for everyone. In our shop you will find BMW clocks, vintage-style pewter plates, but also mugs, money boxes and thermometers are available in the classic design.

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Showing all 17 results