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about the cuckoo clocks

The cuckoo clock originates from the Black Forest Germany. The clock was invented by Franz Ketterer in 1730. Originally, the cuckoo clocks were made of lime wood and the houses are often decorated with a wood-carved cuckoo and maple leafs. Nowadays, the clocks are usually made of walnut houses.

There are many variations available, such as clocks with music boxes, dancing couples, and moving water mills. They often play different melodies and have 3 weights hanging. The cuckoo clocks are also made with different themes such as: the hunting season, with wood-carved hare, parties and a red deer at the top of the clock, the crossed hunting rifles and the horn that shows that the hunting season has opened, but you also see many chalets with all kinds of themes such as Pinocchio or a lumberjack. There are clocks with a mechanical movement or a quartz movement, the mechanical version strikes every half hour and works with weights. The quartz movement naturally works with batteries and runs more accurately than the mechanical one, the cuckoo can be heard once an hour and makes a cuckoo sound with an echo. Both kinds are very good quality and made in Germany.

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