Mechanical Cuckoo clocks

Mechanical Cuckoo clocks

Mechanical cuckoo clock | traditional german clock | mechanical clock from germany | Mechanical Black Forest clock

About the mechanical cuckoo clock

A mechanical cuckoo clock works with weights, there are 2 different types: 1- day clocks and 8-day clocks. A day clock means that you have to wind the weight once every 24 hours. With an 8-day clock this has to be done after 8 days. In addition, there are also cuckoo clocks with moving parts.

Cuckoo clocks without moving parts, they cuckoo once on the half hour and on the hour it depends the time, so you can hear what time it is from a distance.

Cuckoo clocks with moving parts are often with music, which can be heard on most every half hour and hour and the clock comes often with several melodies for variation. Moving parts can be: a water mill, dancing couples, lumberjack etc.

good to know is that the cuckoo can als be turned off so that you can enjow a good night sleep.

The mechanical cuckoo clocks are made in the Black Forest in Germany. The clocks are well packed in a special box.

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