Quartz koekoeksklokken

Quartz cuckoo clock

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About the Quartz cuckoo clocks

The battery operated cuckoo clocks have a quartz movement. the cuckoo will only be heard on the hour and has an echo, after the sound of the cuckoo a melody will follow. The clocks have multiple melodies for variation. If you prefer no melody or cuckoo sound, these can be easily and separately switched off, the clock also has a volume button with which you can make the sound louder or softer. The weights are generally made of plastic and serve as decoration, the advantage of which is that you don’t have to remember to pull the weight up every day, as with the mechanical cuckoo clock. Did you know that a cuckoo clock with a quartz movement runs more accurately than a mechanical cuckoo clock?
We have a very nice collection of cuckoo clocks for a good price. We have types with only a cuckoo, but also types with moving ornaments such as: rotating water mill, lumberjack or a beer drinker.
The clocks are made in the Black Forrest in Germany and have a house made of lime wood.
The clocks are well packed in a special box. Shipping is possible in the Netherlands and abroad, but you are also very welcome in our store in Volendam.

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